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Air Power Control Sp. z o.o. is a dynamically developing company that specialises in developing ventilation and air conditioning systems that are efficient and easy to operate.

We deliver high quality goods and services to any place in Europe to save your time and to take care for your satisfaction with the installations you use. Due to our careful work, our company has gained trust of many Customers, which is the greatest honour for us.

Air Power Control implements projects every day all around Europe. They range from small installations to extensive industrial systems, which are the thing we are most proud of. Our team of employees is always ready to provide professional services and it will reach the indicated point in Europe as fast as possible.

We can guarantee the highest quality of cooperation with our repair and maintenance team and the systems supplied by the best producers. Our main goal is to make our Customers satisfied with our services.

Hire us – we will meet your expectations related to comprehensive interior fittings.

  • Industrial solutions
  • above 1000 installations
  • experience many years
We are proud to present the list of our partners who provide high quality devices and other components of ventilation and air conditioning installations. It is cooperation with numerous dealers that allows us to provide our Customers with reliable equipment that meets their expectations.

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Midea is one of the fastest developing companies in the HVAC industry. It offers air conditioners and purifiers.

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